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Public Art

Artists Russell Way and Helene Rosanove have been independently scaling up their artwork since 1984. In 2000, the Sydney Olympic Games marked the beginning of professional engagement in public art.


By applying their experience as contemporary artists, Rosanove and Way transform urban environments into landmarks of positive affirmation for the express contemplation of ideas and conversation.

In 2015, Rosanove & Way collaborated and successfully brought to life their concept “Namingwall” painting first names of local residents, Street names, Ferries & Ship names built in the area as well as names of historic local landmarks & place names in original language with their meanings. Painted text covers an area of 900 square metres of newly pored concrete walls to form the Woy Woy Pedestrian Underpass. This unique artwork was commissioned by NSW Road & Maritime Services (RMS) and Gosford City Council.


Rosanove and Way are passionate about their public consultation processes when designing Public Art projects as the relationship between community and the artwork is integral to its success. 

Art Tank is an award winning business their for work with Community Art Projects on the Central Coast of NSW.

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